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Welcome To Cellular Health Inc.

Cellular Health Inc. is a holistic health and wellness company owned and operated by Jackie Latimer, an experienced professional who has been in the holistic field for over 35 years.  We offer unique holistic therapeutic services such as Colon Hydrotherapy, Iridology, Massage Therapy, Ion Foot Bath Cleanse, Face-Body-Mind Analysis, to help you improve your health and well-being. Jackie lectures, does speaking engagements and teaches holistic certification courses locally and internationally. 

CHI’S Philosophy – Health comes from within. Your inner health is a reflection of your outer health. Healthy cells, create healthy tissues, organs, body, life, world . . .   We support you in creating conscious inner “cellular health” so that you can enjoy a healthy, happy life on all levels physically, mentally and emotionally.

CHI’s Purpose – is to inspire and support you to be healthy, by being more consciously self-aware and taking time to do healthy self-care. Our purpose is to help you to feel better and function better, by offering educational support with quality, professional, holistic healthcare services in a supportive and nurturing environment.

CHI’s Mission – Our mission is to educate, serve and inspire you to be healthy – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Through conscious awareness, self-responsibility and therapeutic support and services.  

CHI’s Values – At Cellular Health Inc. We value you, your health and wellness, quality service, self-responsibility and conscious awareness.

C – Conscious
H – Health
 I – Inside


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