Jackie’s Teaching /Speaking Testimonials

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~ Great Presentation. I would love to hear more from this Instructor, she is knowledgeable, approachable, and so kind, I learned a lot in the seminar.

~ This information in this workshop was well presented and enjoyable to participate in. Presentation style was relaxed and comfortable as well as humorous. I learned a lot of very useful practical applications.

~ We covered an impressive amount of information in a short time. It was very interesting and well presented. Enjoyed her class immensely.

~ I took this years ago with Jackie and it was even more fantastic the second time around. She has such enthusiasm, it was great to learn from her!! I enjoyed it so much, that I’ve decided to take her full program in the fall. I want to pursue Iridology further. Totally enjoyed this presentation!

~ Well Jackie, your class last night was about the best, most exciting thing I’ve done in forever. I would like to have a full Iridology reading with you and sign up for the Iridology certification course. I am enthralled with your statement about healthy boundaries, and would like to know what, in my eyes, gave up that information. Awesome. Anyway please schedule me for an in-depth examination.

~ I found this course very informative. Jackie has a great down to earth & open teaching method. Would highly recommend both the course and the instructor

~ Instructor’s knowledge and experience are excellent. Great teaching style appreciate open posture towards student’s thanks. Very informative, well presented, time went quickly engaging and interesting. Most definitely recommend this course taught by Jackie Latimer.

Certification Courses

~ I just wanted to drop you a line to say “Thank you” for your teaching this past weekend. I am very grateful for the knowledge and experience that you shared with the class. I enjoyed the class very much and look forward to deepening my understanding for years to come. With gratitude, Jaime

~ Jackie, I just wanted to say that I had such a great experience in your course over the weekend, it totally exceeded all of my expectations! My brain likes your teaching style I guess, I find remembering the material easier with your focus on repetition.
Looking forward to level 2! 🙂 Warm regards, Catherine

~ Jackie, Thank you very much!! Your class was just great, I learned a lot! It is fascinating! You were “correct” with what you saw in my eyes. Thank you so very much! You are a wonderful teacher! Peace,

~ Well organized, professional but fun! Information was taught in tangible steps that brought the whole picture together. Thank You so much for your time, patience and sharing your vast knowledge!

~ Content was diverse, I appreciated the amount of information provided in the binders and shared. Quality was great. Jackie’s integrity as a practitioner and a teacher is amazing!

~ Loved both courses I learned so much over the weekends. The content was great enjoyed learning the emotional/mental & physical aspects of iridology.

~ The course is jam packed with incredible information and its impressive to see the significance in the eye! I found the course quite complete. Jackie, as an instructor your enthusiasm is infectious. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

~ The content and the quality of the program was amazing. It was a lot to integrate in 5 days. You challenged us and stretched our belief in ourselves and our ability to learn. Thank You.

~ I love that you teach with such passion and integrity. The course inspired me to be more in charge of my life, health and emotions. Thank you so much for sharing your years of wisdom and experience.

~ An excellent training program which combined practical applications with theoretical learning.

~ The course was very well prepared. The material well articulated and easy to use. Overall very professional. You are definitely a gift and have done a great honor to your mentors. I will highly recommend this course to friends and colleagues. Dr. J.B. – Red Deer

~ Extremely knowledgeable, professionally executed with a lot of examples, handouts, and practical class time. I look forward to helping and educating many people with the use of Iridology. I am extremely happy with everything.

~ Jackie you are awesome at teaching! Thank you for teaching and allowing me this opportunity to help others with their health !!!

~ You’re an awesome teacher Jackie. Your passion, integrity is very encouraging. You create a hunger to learn. You taught a lot of information, but presented in a way I could understand. Thank you.

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