IIPA Iridology Certification Course


LEVEL I – November 1st – 3rd 2019  
LEVEL II – November 15th – 17th 2019

Become an “IIPA Certified Comprehensive Iridologist”.  Enjoy an insightful and meaningful career.  The Eyes are known as “The Window to the Soul” for they reveal the essence of who and what you are. Iridology uncovers the “Root Cause” of health issues.  Discover how you’re physical, mental, and emotional health is observed in the eyes. Learn an accurate, lifelong assessment tool with deep insight. Iridology provides a wealth of information to improve one’s state of health by understanding your genetic makeup and how your body is functioning. Learn the scientific wisdom behind European and American Iridology and explore how to read the insightful, in-depth language of the eyes. Understand the meaning of the different markings, colors, signs and patterns in the iris of the eye. Discover advanced iridology studies in Personality and Spiritual Iridology. Learn how and why the eyes are “The Window to Your Soul”. The Art and Science of Iridology is a profound assessment tool that can provide a wealth of useful information, to help you understand yourself and how to care for your current state of health. Certification through the International Iridology Practitioner Association (IIPA) with IIPA Certified Instructor Jackie Latimer. Make an exciting career move in the holistic field by expanding or diversifying your career as a “Certified Comprehensive Iridologist”.

The eyes are a window to your health. They reflect the essence of you who and what you are physically, mentally, and emotionally. Iridology is the art and science of reading and analysing the iris, pupil and sclera of the eye. The different markings and segments of the eye correlate to different organs and systems of the body. By observing the colors, pigments, fiber structure and iris signs, the eyes can reveal a wealth of information about you and your health. Iridology reveals your current state of health; your genetic strengths and weaknesses; areas of inflammation; toxicity; nutritional needs and deficiencies; personality qualities and traits and much more.

Iridology is a valuable assessment tool. It provides a holistic overview of yourself, your health and what’s happening inside your body on many levels. The eyes can alert you of potential early warning signs of imbalances in your body, showing you what areas are in need care and support. The more you’re aware, the more you can love and care for yourself. Iridology helps to uncover the root cause of health issues. An iridology analysis can provide information to support you to feel better, function better and prevent unnecessary suffering.

How Iridology Works 

The way iridology works is thousands of nerve fibers connected to your cells, tissues, and organs transmit their information up the spinal cord to the brain. The eye is an extension of the brain via the optic nerve. The messages from your body are transmitted by the nervous system, to the brain and then mapped on the iris of the eye. This neurological pathway of communication is how the eyes reveals a clear and complete picture of your health and how your body is functioning on multiple levels.

Different Iridology Methods and Techniques

Below are the different types and methods of iridology which help you understand yourself and your health from different perspectives.

Physical Iridology helps to understand how your physical body is structurally designed and how the different organs and systems of the body are functioning or under functioning. The iridology chart is a detailed map which reveals how and where to see all the organs and systems of the body. By observing the signs of the iris in relationship to the iridology map an assessment of a person’s physical state of health can be observed. Understanding what your potential genetic strengths and sensitivities are can be valuable knowledge to help you be proactive and take preventative actions for your health care.

Rayid Iridology is a unique method of iridology that reveals your personality, qualities and traits. By studying the patterns of the iris, you can understand yourself from a deeper mental and emotional point of view. It reflects your unique way of thinking, being and feeling. Rayid helps you recognize the way you may or may not communicate, operate, and view life or the world. It supports you to free yourself from confined limitations by helping you to see your natural gifts, character strengths and true potential.

Sclerology is the art and science of analyzing the sclera (the whites of the eyes). It is another way to evaluate your health by looking at eyes. The red lines and markings seen in the whites of the eyes are messenger lines. They communicate areas of stress, congestion and what parts of the body need care and attention. Sclera markings are indicators, giving valuable insight as to your current state of health, physically, mentally and emotionally. There is a separate sclera map (different from the iridology map) that shows where to view the different systems and organs of the body. Sclerology combined with iridology is richly insightful.

Time Risk Iridology was founded by Dr. Danielle LoRito a medical doctor in Italy. Time Risk Iridology primarily observes the inner pupil border, nutritive zone and collerette of the iris. The intention of this type of iridology is to explore where an individual possibly experienced a physical or psychological event at a certain period of time in their life. That event possibly caused an alteration of the biological function, stimulating other predisposing pathologies. By being aware of the age that an event occurred, and what the learning or lesson was from the experience, one can possibly prevent other future lessons or learnings. This is the gift and benefit of time risk iridology.

Spiritual Iridology is understanding the spiritual meaning of iridology signs. This perspective of iridology provides us with a way of being more aware of ourselves and our purpose or role in life. With conscious awareness of the deeper meanings, we can make wiser choices in life by discerning whether we are in equilibrium or not. The intention is to be more present to enjoy the beauty and fullness of life.

IIPA Iridology Certification Course Outline

Level I: Three Days

* History of Iridology
* Anatomy and Physiology of the Eye
* Iridology Zones and Mapping
* Iridology Terminology
* Iris Signs
* Physical Resiliency
* Constitutional Types
* Constitutional Subtypes
* Indepth Study of the Collarette
* Pupil Tonis * Pupil Border Signs
* Practical Iridology Practice

Level II: Three Days

* Language of Iridology
* Contraction Furrows
* Radial Furrows
* Types of Lacunas
* Transversals and Reflexive Signs
* Meaning of Pigments and Colors
* Syndromes and Combination Signs
* Sclerology
* Case Studies – Group and Individual
* Personality Iridology
* Time Risk and Spiritual Iridology
* Iridology Business Guidelines
* Review and Questions
* Certificate Ceremony

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LEVEL I – November 1st – 3rd 2019  
LEVEL II – November 15th – 17th 2019

IIPA Iridology Course Fee:

* Level I ~ $495.00 Cdn +Gst
* Level II~ $495.00 Cdn +Gst
*Total Fee: $990.00 Cdn +Gst

Course Fee Includes:

* Level I & II IIPA Certified Iridology Certification training
* A free one year membership to the International Iridology Practitioner Association.
* A 120 Page Iridology Manual
* Personal Professional Iris Photos
* Opportunity to become a Certified Comprehensive IIPA Iridologist.

To Register and Receive Course Details and Information Contact:
Jackie Latimer 780 482-7978 Email: cellularhealth@shaw.ca

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IIPA Iridology Instructor

Jackie Latimer is an IIPA Certified Iridologist and IIPA Certified Iridology Instructor. She is also an I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist and Instructor; a Registered Massage Therapist; and a Certified Face-Body-Mind Analysist. Jackie has been in private practice in the holistic field for 34 years. She has studied iridology with Dr. Bernard Jensen and many of the top internationally recognized iridologists from around the world. Jackie has lectured nationally and internationally. She teaches complex information in a practical and simplified way. You will easily learn the art and science of Iridology, in an organized step by step manner, using many colorful slides and power point presentations. Jackie is a passionate teacher and inspires you to learn. She invites to come and learn the profoundly, insightful wisdom of Iridology. It’s a valuable lifelong assessment tool that will amaze you! Plus you will enjoy the rewards of discovering new ways of understanding yourself and taking responsibility for your health.

Certification With: The International Iridology Practitioner Association (IIPA)

The International Iridology Practitioner Association (IIPA) is globally recognized for its standard of education and level of competency in the field of Iridology.

IIPA is a certifying body for Iridologists worldwide. Members of IIPA are internationally recognized and respected, for their comprehensive standards of professional competency. IIPA provides ongoing professional iridology conferences, continuing education courses and regular webinars. IIPA offers a referral service for IIPA Certified Iridologists and IIPA members receive a monthly iridology newsletter subscription. The IIPA research and development department keeps you connected to new iridology research and information from around the world.

Why Learn Iridology

Iridology is a valuable non-invasive, preventative, assessment tool, with profound insight. Discover how you can help yourself and others to be proactive with health, by learning to read the insightful, in-depth language of the eyes. Iridology provides a wealth of useful information, to help you understand yourself and your health. You will learn how to observe physical, mental, and emotional health in the eyes and much more. By understanding the meaning of the different markings, colors, signs and patterns in the iris of the eye, Iridology can help you improve health and wellness on many levels. Discover the scientific wisdom behind European and American Iridology and become a “Certified Comprehensive IIPA Iridologist”.

Jackie’s IIPA Iridology Certification Course Comments:

* I found this course very informative. Jackie has a great down to earth, open teaching method. Would highly recommend both the course and the instructor.

* Instructors knowledge and experience are excellent. Very informative, well presented, time went quickly, engaging and interesting. Most definitely recommend this course taught by Jackie.

* Course was very informative, with good pictures for comparison and practice.

* You’re an awesome teacher Jackie, your passion and integrity are very encouraging. There was lots of information, presented in a way I could understand.

* I love that you teach with such passion and integrity. The course inspired me to be more in charge of my life, health and emotions. Thank you so much for sharing your years of wisdom and experience.

* Awesome, extremely informative. Wonderful instructor held my attention and left me wanting more. I enjoyed all of it. The course gave me so much more than anticipated.

* Well organized, professional but fun! Information was taught in tangible steps that brought the whole picture together. Thank you so much for your time, patience and sharing your vast knowledge!

Become a Certified Comprehensive IIPA Iridologist

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